As the days grow shorter and the weather turn colder it is important to consider how we look after our dogs during the winter. So, here are a few tips to help keep your dog healthy, safe, warm and happy throughout the cold spell.

Caring for Your Dog During the Winter

Adjust Your Dog’s Food If Necessary

If you dog is prone to putting on weight during the winter when they may be a little less active, adjust their food accordingly to make sure they do not gain too much excess weight. If you dog does gain weight during the winter, it is recommended you take advice from your vet to confirm the most appropriate way to adjust your dog’s diet.

Cold Weather Gear

Your dog needs regular walking to keep it healthy. To help keep them warm when walking in the winter consider kitting them out with good quality cold weather gear and wrap them up in a nice warm coat. This is particularly important with finer coated dogs who have less insulation than thicker or longer haired breeds and will help keep your dog both healthy and happy while out walking in the cold.

Be Seen & Be Safe

Fitting your dog with a reflective collar and lead will mean you will be more visible while out walking your dog. Using walking lights, which are now widely available for both dog and owner can be a good idea too. And why not take a good quality torch out with you too? Always make sure you can see and be seen and be safe.

Check Between Your Dog’s Toes

When you have been out walking with your dog in the winter, make sure to check carefully between its toes for salt and grit. In more extreme winter conditions also make sure to check for ice and snow which may have become compacted between your dog’s toes. Longer haired breeds are particularly susceptible to trapping debris and snow between their toes, so make sure to check them carefully after every walk.

Clean and Dry Your Dog Thoroughly

When returning from a wet winter walk, ensure your dog is properly cleaned of any mud and dirt it may have picked up during the walk. Then then make sure your dog it properly dried off and has a nice warm and dry bed to relax in afterwards. This is particularly important if your dog suffers from arthritis, the symptoms of which can be made much worse when they are cold or damp.

A Healthy, Safe, Warm & Happy Dog

By following these simple steps, you can help your dog be more comfortable throughout the cold spell and keep them healthy, safe, warm and happy. What could be better!