Park N Bark offer dog grooming in Tarleton, Preston and throughout Lancashire at your home or your place of work.

Dog Grooming in Tarleton

For your convenience Park N Bark comes to you. Mobile dog grooming is a time efficient way of having your dog groomed, as it saves you travelling time, effort and expense.

Park N Bark offer professional mobile dog grooming in Tarleton, Preston and throughout Lancashire.

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Dog Grooming – Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Dog grooming is essential, not just for keeping your dog clean, but also for helping to keep them healthy.

When Park N Bark shampoos your dog, we ensure it receives a healthy and pleasurable massage that will relax them. A grooming massage has numerous health benefits, including de-stressing your dog and stimulating their circulatory system.

Grooming brushes also help increase blood flow to your dog’s hair follicles. Shiny, healthy, properly brushed coats will shed less too. And when grooming your dog, Park N Bark continuously inspect their skin for parasites such as ticks, which can be harmful to their health.

Regular nail trims not only help keep your dog’s nails short, but also reduce the risk of infection and help reinforce healthy foot structure and posture. Park N Bark also checks feet for thorns, seeds and other foreign bodies, to minimise the chance of infection.

So, for dog grooming in Tarleton, Park N Bark will ensure you dog is not only clean and perfectly presented, but we will do our best to ensure their continued good health too.

Dog Grooming in Tarleton 6 Days a Week

For your convenience we offer mobile dog grooming in Tarleton, Preston and throughout Lancashire 6 days a week. We are also happy to arrange a regular appointment for you. So, if you would like to have your dog groomed at the same time every month, or even every week, then we would be happy to arrange that for you.

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For more information on our dog grooming in Tarleton, and to book your dog in, call Ray Forshaw today on 07748 386297. We will be delighted to hear from you.