It is a popular misconception that you should have your dog’s coat cut short in the summer to help keep them to keep cool. Grooming your dog correctly is essential to allow them to stay cool and comfortable in hot weather. But this does not necessarily mean having you dog’s coat cut as short as you can.

Grooming Your Dog Correctly

Your Dog’s Natural Insulation

Your dog’s coat offers obvious benefits throughout the cooler months of the year, by acting as a layer of insulation to help keep your dog warm. Some breeds of dog benefit from a double coat which can work even more effectively for them.

As the temperature rises your dog will experience its seasonal coat change, losing its thicker winter coat and gaining its lighter summer coat. This lighter summer coat also acts as a layer of insulation for your dog and can help keep it cool throughout the summer, with double coated dogs often benefitting the most. So, your dog’s natural insulation can help protect it in both the winter and the summer.

Making sure your dog has plenty of water to drink in the hot weather is important to help keep it properly hydrated. Likewise having it’s coat cut correctly, allowing it to work efficiently to keep the dog cool is also very important.

How Close Should My Dog’s Coat Be Cut?

How close your dog ‘s coat should be cut very much depends on the breed. Cold climate dogs such as Huskies may well benefit from a closer cut in warmer temperatures. However, many breeds benefit from just a light trim. And double coated breeds can have their coats ruined by cutting them too close. Furthermore, the oils in a dog’s coat can act as a natural sunscreen to help protect your dog’s skin, so if the coat is cropped too close this will reduce the effectiveness of the natural sunscreen.

It is therefore important to determine an appropriate grooming regime for your dog, to ensure it is properly enabled to cope through the changing seasons and in particular, through the current hot, sunny spell.

Grooming Your Dog Correctly

Grooming your dog correctly is essential to allow them to stay cool and comfortable in hot weather. For our recommendation for grooming your dog correctly for the summer and throughout rest of the year, call Ray Forshaw at Park N Bark on 07748 38629.

We are always delighted to discuss your grooming requirements with you to ensure your dog is always at its best.